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Lil' Cargo
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Lil' Cargo is a high end, rental company specializing in baby gear.

Make your travels as simple as possible.  At Lil' Cargo, we provide a service for what busy families really want, to pack lightly and have a comfortable stay on their trip.  We offer a unique collection of baby equipment, as well as the convenience of delivery, set-up and pick-up, to ensure a restful visit for the whole family.

Our motto is to make your vacation feel like home.

All parents want to show their children the world! But let’s be honest, the idea of packing up an entire nursery to keep our babies happy is not easy or practical.  As a mom of two little ones, I have experienced the stress of lugging around all their gear to take a vacation or to visit family.  

Lil' Cargo was born to make traveling easier on parents, without compromising comfort for our children!  Whether you are here for a week or a weekend, Lil' Cargo can make your stay comfortable and stress free.  Your top of the line baby gear can be reserved easily online, and be ready and waiting when your family arrives at their destination.  Lil' Cargo’s high quality, safe and clean baby gear will take the stress out of traveling with your little ones!

Resumes & Cover Letters

Some of my most recent freelance work has been in the area of re-writing resumes for clients considering a career change.  I will take your old resume and learn about your job history, experiences, strengths and skills.  Then, I cross reference them with the job your are applying for.

Using that information, I will rework your resume into a clean, simple design, highlighting your strengths and what you have to offer to your next employer.  I will send you the files in an easy to share PDF format, as well as a Word Document and Pages Document for your files.  For an additional fee, a cover letter with a similar format can be included.

A fresh resume targeted to your next career move can put you on the path to the job of your dreams! Contact me today for a quote!
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Employment Letter
Letter of Recommendation

I am pleased to recommend Jane for employment with your school district.  I have known Jane since 2008, where we taught together for six years.  She is a dedicated educator who goes above and beyond for her students.  She is passionate about literacy and inspires her students to become readers and writers daily.
After a few years of teaching together, she became one of our school’s reading specialists.  She truly shined in this role.  She was not only working with our students during this time, but supporting staff members as well.  She is a wealth of knowledge and truly enjoys empowering teachers to enhance their literacy instruction.

Jane is flexible as well as passionate, and is open to ideas from co-workers and other school leaders.  She is creative, reliable and always puts the needs of her students first.  She is committed to ongoing learning and professional development, and continually challenges herself to grow.  She has strong morals, an empathetic nature and naturally builds a good rapport with students, staff, families and community members.

Jane would be an asset to any school or position.  She has my highest recommendation and I would be happy to discuss her qualifications if necessary. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.  Thank you for your time.

Flawless Parties for Kids

Looking for a stress free way to plan a flawless birthday party for your son or daughter?  

Let Flawless Parties for Kids take the lead and make your Pinterest dreams become a reality.  Flawless Parties can create your child's dream birthday party in the comfort of your own home.  Our party planners will set up, run the activities, serve food and even clean up after your party.  Custom thank you cards are included in the service!

If your preference is to have the party at an alternative location, Flawless Parties will coordinate the event from start to finish.  All you will have to do is show up with your birthday boy or girl.

With our experts in charge, you will be able to enjoy the special day with the guest of honor!

The Audacity of Football

I’ve never been a diehard, not like my husband, who is a Bears season ticket holder with a plethora of Carhartt Gear, a tailgate routine and a positive attitude no matter where the Bears are ranked.  While I may not brave the frigid Chicago weather to watch the Bears play, I did spend most Saturday mornings tailgating and cheering on the Hawkeyes in college, I have a Bears Jersey that I wear on Sundays to support the Bears (and my husband) and I even get into the whole experience by providing “football snacks” for my husband and the kids when there are games to be watched at home.  I don’t mind football, in fact I actually enjoy it.  I find it fun to get together with friends and cheer on our teams, or meet at a bar to have drinks and make friendly wagers. I’ll cheer and scream for a great play and moan when the ball gets picked off, but there’s always been a small part of me that thinks football...is a little ridiculous!

Now, before you go hating me, just humor me and think about it like this.  These are grown men purposefully hurting themselves day after day, destroying their brains and bodies.  And for what...to entertain us?  To win a game that in essence is meaningless?  To make money at the expense of health?
The other night I saw a replay of the quarterback from St. Louis taking a nasty hit, I watched his eyes roll back in his head, he stumbled to get up, and then apparently stayed in the game for two more plays with an obvious concussion before he was taken out.  I found myself wondering what the point of it all is.  These men were being treated like nothing more than a mechanism to make money...it seems absurd! The amount of injury, money and resources that are poured into football seems so excessive, especially when we know that there are homeless people, starving people, abused people, abandoned animals, crumbling schools, terrorism, mental illness…. I could go on forever with the atrocities of the world.  How can we pour money into a GAME when all of these really awful things are happening right now?

As I sat next to my diehard husband, whose devotion to football runs as deep as his Chicago roots, I couldn’t help but mention my thoughts on the audacity of football.  He listened, gave some validity to my rant, but then asked me to think about it differently.  I rolled my eyes, took a sip of my wine and sat back to listen to whatever ridiculous rebuttal he was going to string together.  I listened, and shockingly found myself agreeing with him.  You can imagine my surprise!  This is what he had to say.
Football gives people hope, like after 9-11 when everyone needed something to hold on to.  Football brings people together from all races, religions, and social classes to bond over something they have in common.  Football provides work for thousands of vendors and stadium employees who otherwise might not be able to feed their families.  Football brings many talented players and their families out of poverty, and shows other kids in poverty, that with determination it can be done.  Football gives people a sense of community and camaraderie through the many challenges that we face in life.  Football players and teams donate money and time to innumerable charities, children’s organizations and hospitals.  Football gives something to people, and that is something we all need.

I listened to this sappy, diehard football fan that night.  And I realized that he was right.  Football does give us something, and it may mean something different for everyone.  So whether it’s an excuse to get together with family or friends, a way to escape a rough week, a method to support your family or just a way to enjoy a sense of unity with fans, football gives us something.  So, for every time I thought how ridiculous, excessive, pointless or dangerous the sport of football is, I can now say, that it’s not the audacity of football, it’s the audacity of our world, a world with lots of problems, but a world where football brings just a little bit of hope.